Deltaport Third Berth East Causeway Habitat Remediation

(Underway Summer 2016 completion March 2017 – Value $2,500,000)

The Deltaport Third Berth East Causeway Habitat Remediation project is located along the causeway to Roberts Bank in Delta, BC. The primary goal of the project is to improve the functionality of constructed habitat areas along the causeway to perform as originally intended by maximizing the area of near shore terrestrial, intertidal and marine ecosystems appropriate for the shoreform of the project area. The entire project is in a very sensitive marine environment.

Contact: Trevor Andrews, Port of Metro Vancouver, Environmental Specialist – Aquatic Resources
Phone: 604 665 9244

Contact: James Ogilvie , Golder Associates, Senior Coastal Engineer
Phone: 604 296 4200

Centennial Park Athletic Field – Town of Lake Cowichan

(Underway October 2016 Completion March 2017 – Value $1,100,000)

Work of this Contract comprises preparation of the work site, site security, protection of trees, ditches and other features designated for retention, salvage, demolition and removal of designated site features, rough grading, construction of athletic playing fields including drainage system ,upgrading existing storm system, bio-filtration ponds, irrigation system and turf establishment, construction of retaining walls, sanitary sewer and domestic water systems, upgrading of the existing electrical service, and preparation of the site for future phases of work.

Nagi Riszk - Superintendent, Public Works & Engineering Services Town of Lake Cowichan

T 250.749.6244

Greenburn Dam Lake Rehabilitation – Parks Canada

Completed Mar 2016
Value: $1.75 million

Removal and replacement of a dam at Greenburn lake, South Pender Island. The location in the gulf islands requires significant logistics for material supply. Design and Construction of a coffer dam, temporary diversion for water supply and significant pumping operation for dewatering. Dam and spillway reconstruction, construction of new diversion channel and rebuilding 2 km of access road. Significant erosion control works and in water works.


Parks Canada Sandy Cummings
Phone: 403 292 4355

Willing Park Detention Pond – City of Langford

Completed Feb 2016
Value: $850,000

A sizeable implementation of a channel re-alignment of Nesbitt and Bilston Creek in the City of Langford. Development of a park, detention pond and supporting features including a fish ladder, pedestrian bridge and drilled irrigation well. This project is part of a larger storm-water management program. Work required included large scale bulk excavation and disposal offsite, onsite soil production and careful management of riparian species and trees.


City of Langford

Prime Consultant

Jeff Howard P.Eng – District of Saanich
250 475 5575

Environmental Consultant

Craig Barlow, Registered Professional Biologist Phone: 250-478-9918 Cell: 250 888 4654

Dava developments / City of Richmond: West Park

Completed December 2016
Value: $1,100,000

The construction and extension of No 4 Road Richmond with utility removals and re-installation, water features, CIP concrete stairs, sidewalks , and design build curved wall feature, large wooden stage deck, irrigation and drainage systems, and an extensive landscape.


H/Y Engineering

Owners rep

Mr. Steve O’neill P.Eng
604 868 1979

City of Richmond:
Rob Fyling 604 516 9448

VGH Energy Centre

Spring 2007

An urban park built atop a massive concrete slab. Mass excavation, CIP concrete for roads curbs, water features, pavers and irrigation are also part of this contract.


Vancouver General Hospital


Vanbots Construction Inc

Mahon Park Rehabilitation

2003-2004 Value $850,000

This 850K project involved the restoration of Mahon Park for the City of North Vancouver. A large portion of the project was the rebuilding of Wagg creek along with the installation of pedestrian bridges. Strom water detention, dewatering, environmental monitoring, road deactivation and extensive use of riprap walls and riparian planting in a steep and sensitive site were the main features of this project.

Environmental Consultant

Peter Frederiksen 604 279 2093



Howe Sound North

Spring 2007 Value $965,000

Clearing, grubbing, mass excavation, compaction, sediment ponds, civil underground utilities, and landscape are part of this contract.


Yellowridge Construction Inc
Contact: Frank Vasallo  604 688 9255


BC Housing

Willow Street Park

Fall 2010 $ 550,000

Willow street between 12th Avenue and 13th Avenue was removed and replaced with a linear park. Utilities, CIP concrete, granite stone work , site lighting and site furnishings were dominant features of this park.


Don Vaughan and Assoc


Vancouver General Hospital

District of Maple Ridge – Park @ 239A street ( spring 2010)

A small pocket park completed in 2010. CIP concrete walls, site clearing, wooden structures


Durante Kreuk – Pavel Gradowski

Owner's Rep

Bruce Macleod, Engineering and Parks

Douglas Border Crossing

Spring 2009 Value $1,230,000

A huge landscape along with construction of all roads, pathways and feature areas using natural stone and pavers are the features of this project this $1.4 million project is due to complete in Spring 2008.


Government of Canada


Graham Construction


Bryan Pitkin 604 940 4500


Sharpe diamond, David Stoyko

Highland School , North Vancouver

Complete Fall 2009 Value $2,230,000

All civil works, landscape for new school and demolition of old school.


Grant Sinclair Architects


School District # 44

London Aviation Centre

Summer 2008 Value $ 870,000

The largest single beam structure in North America. Our work on this project included Excavation, backfill and compaction for the new Airbus A380.


London Aviation


Scott Construction , David Crilly 604 637 3935

200th Street Expansion

Fall 2004 Value $635,000

This 600k Project for the township of Langley involved a mass excavation and installation of a large retaining wall along a Fish bearing stream. De-watering and traffic management are key issues on this project. Construction was completed by the end of October.


Township of Langley Wayne Randall 604 533 6081


Roeland Zwaag @ Aplin Martin 604 597 9058

Kanaka Creek Development

1996 Value $ 2,800,000

This contract was a $2.8 million dollar award to strip and prepare a 10 hectare subdivision (Hollyhock estates) adjacent to Kanaka Creek. The contract included road building, site servicing, erosion and sediment control, compensation riparian and in-stream planting in and around Kanaka creek, retaining walls, cable suspension bridge, unit pavers and landscaping. Extensive layout, wall building, excavations and grading were required.


Landscape Consultant: Landspace Design, Al Tanzer 604 252 9500

Environmental Consultant: Envirowest Consultants 604 451 0505

Engineering Consultant: TGK Engineering, 604 853 2333


Decker Developments Ltd, Roger Ducharme 604 888 4699

Bulk Excavations and Dyke works

Fraserview developments 1994-96

A large 20 hectare multi use development site in Maple ridge adjacent to a fish bearing stream was completed in 1996. The steepness of the site, close proximity to a fish bearing stream and Blue Clay were significant challenges. Excavations in blue clay up to 25’ deep were required for building foundations. All machinery was fitted with specialized attachments. This multi million dollar contract work included bulk excavations for roads, services, and over twenty building foundations. Approx 3500 cubic metres of blue clay excavations were used to cap, contour repair and extend the Haney–Hatzic dyke system. Erosion and sediment control, riparian and in-stream planting, extensive retaining wall use, and ornamental landscape were also in the scope.


Landscape Consultant: DM Group, Mike Mills 604 437 3942

Environmental Consultant: Contact developer

Engineering Consultant: Contact developer